About Lesley

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 25 years, initially qualifying as an aerobics instructor with the YMCA and as a step instructor with Reebok UK. As a gym instructor I gained much experience working one to one with clients until 16 years ago I took further qualifications with Bodylogic in Personal Training, body conditioning and fitness testing.


Working ever since, from my own private gym I have gained qualifications in nutrition, stability ball, yoga and an advanced level Personal Training diploma. My current client base covers everything from bodybuilders and marathon runners to the less able bodied client’s who suffer with heart conditions or joint problems and I have recently begun to specialise in obesity and diabetes related issues. Working with people both one to one and in groups has taught me that a person’s state of mind has a major impact on the bodies’ defences. Anxiety, stress and depression all contribute to the bodies’ inability to heal, both mentally and physically.

I started to design the TED courses when I realised that most of the overweight people who came to train with me were struggling with more than a mere lack of motivation. Food had become the enemy to many and years of negative thinking made any real behaviour changes almost impossible. I decided to add psychotherapy to my skill set and embarked on a Person Centred Counselling course. During this course I found and fell in love with Transactional Analysis and use this as the basis for all of the exercises we do in ‘Head TED.’


Level 2 & 3 certificates & a level 5 Diploma in Person Centred Psychotherapeutic Counselling.
Transactional Analysis 101 & Foundation level course.
Advanced level Transactional Analysis People Practitioner diploma.
Obesity Specialist Counselling.

Level 2 Exercise to Music instructor
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Step Reebok advanced Step Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer CYQ
Level 4 Personal Trainer – obesity and diabetes specialist.



About Colleen

Colleen brings her vast experience in business both here in the UK and her country of birth South Africa combined with her experience as an overweight person from childhood to Tried Every Diet courses.

She has worked in both small family businesses to large factory environments. She has a natural gift of connecting to people. In South Africa she worked in various service industries where understanding human behaviour and development helped her to advance till she was head of staff training and development at a large textile factory with 150 employees. In 1997 she moved to the UK with her husband and they settled in Essex where she started work in the travel industry where her people skills were again recognised and it was at this time that she was drawn to the concepts of TA and the theory that is the basis of our Ted course.

She embarked on a journey of self discovery that has resulted in her returning to formal education at the age of 57 to get her qualification as a TA therapist. She is presently in her 3rd year of advance training at The Berne Institute in Kegworth. Colleen met Lesley at The Berne on a training course they have both completed about working with people who are obese and/or have a dysfunctional relationship with food.

Colleen has been working as a counsellor and coach in the diet industry since 2007 and as a private practitioner since 2011 and brings this experience to the development of the TED courses.

Having lost and regained weight many times over the years, Colleen came to the conclusion that there is so much more to this whole obesity crisis we face, than just dieting and restricting food. By helping herself to explore and understand her relationship with food, eating and body size she had developed a new relationship with all these behaviours. This experience is what Colleen brought to her private dieting business and now TED.


Transactional Analysis 101.

Transactional Analysis Foundation level and 3 years advance training.

Obesity Specialist Counselling and Coaching

NLP Coach Practicioner