Lesley, I thought I’d write to thank you for TED, which I consider to be a fantastic programme of education – an education about self awareness, food and exercise. I’ve lost weight, feel healthier and I’m fitter than I’ve been in years.


I attended your TED programme following an endless roundabout of faddy diets and endless number of traditional weight loss programmes. I have the half used weight loss books to prove it.  I suspect each person in the TED group got something different from the programme. For me I went through a personal journey with each step being as important as the last.


I thought you may like to know which part of the programme made the difference for me:

Stopped beating myself up and criticising myself by learning how to identify when I’m doing it.

Found my motivation through the discounting session – it’s not about how I look for me, it’s about protecting my health for both me and my family; it’s also about how I feel mentally and physically

The fear of what could be and how food was affecting my health – I needed to be shown the reality of the consequences of carrying on as I was.

The educating about the right foods to eat and why they are so beneficial

Education of the amount I should be eating.

Exercise and why it’s so important.

The goal we set to ensure I continue on the journey.

Thanks again Lesley, your programme really has made a difference.

C.J. 2014


Working with Lesley has enabled me to look not just at my attitude to food and body image, but also the underlying reasons behind what I think about them. For the first time in my life I feel that I understand my motivations and I have been amazed at the difference this has made to me. It’s given me a greater sense of control over my life and a new appreciation of my body shape and eating patterns. I feel as if I can now make the changes I’ve always wanted to make. I would recommend Lesley to anyone who feels they have struggled with their weight or attitude to food.
D.M. 2013


Transactional Analysis makes perfect sense. It helped me to clearly understand how my thought processes had led me to where I was today. More importantly, it showed how I could alter my thought processes and challenge learned behaviours. It enabled me to take control. Lesley Snowdon is an excellent practitioner; I would not hesitate to recommend both Lesley and T.A.
B.R. 2013


Having completed the 12 week Tried Every Diet programme at the end of 2012, I got through my first Christmas without gaining a load of weight or feeling guilty about everything to do with food. Now 6 months on, I am still working with Lesley but this time in her gym. 15 pounds and counting and this time with a new mindset towards food, it seems to be staying off, with no (or hardly any) cravings and definitely no sabotage of the healthy eating plan. Sorting my head out before attempting to start healthy eating and exercise has really done the trick and I would thoroughly recommend the ‘TED’ programme – it really works.
F.M. 2013


The ‘TED’ coaching programme has really changed the way I view myself. I have much more confidence and don’t feel terrified of saying no to people now. The weight is coming off slowly but after years of yoyo diets it’s great to be eating in a healthy way and feeling good about myself and not worrying all the time. Would recommend the coaching to anyone who doesn’t understand why they can’t get the weight off.
H.H. 2012